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LILA LOVES IT | Paw Care Balm

PAW CARE protects sensitive paws using the natural strengths of calendula. It stays smooth with beeswax, apricot kernel oil and coconut oil and also protects against potentially damaging environmental effects, such as road salts and grit. Your pet’s paws will become more elastic and moisturized by our high quality oils, making calluses more resilient and safeguarding against injury. However, even if your friend’s paws do get scratched or scraped, PAW CARE will help him heal faster!

Based in Munch since 2013, LILA LOVES IT have been researching, developing and producing high quality animal care products that are suitable for all breeds of dogs. They pay special attention to the quality and origin of the ingredients they use in their products, as well as how they’re processed and are convinced of the combined power of natural science and medicinal knowledge in relation to their products

60ml / 2.3 fl.oz

Please refer to instructions on how to use

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