Fetch and Follow Ceramic Dog Bowl Ink Splatter
Fetch and Follow Ceramic Dog Bowl Ink Splatter Mood
Fetch and Follow Ceramic Dog Bowl Ink Splatter Detail
Fetch and Follow Ceramic Ink Splatter Range
Fetch & Follow

Fetch and Follow X Kana Ink Splatter Dog Bowls

This beautiful ceramic bowl makes for the perfect stylish place for your dogs food or water.  Plus due to the bowls heavier base there should be less movement when your dog tucks into their favourite dinner or refreshment.

We have teamed up with Kana London to bring you a new range of special ceramic pieces for both you and your dog to enjoy. To sit alongside our beautiful new dog bed and blanket, each piece from this collection has been painted by hand using ink splatter technique meaning each piece is truly unique. The range includes dog bowls, treat jars and cups.

Kana’s approach to her work is experimental and playful. She works with a unique range of clays and mixes her own glazes, often turn- ing her back on traditional ceramic practices. Hand building, rather than turning on the wheel, further emphasizes the individuality of each piece.

Made From

The bowls are stoneware with a food safe glazed

Dish washer Safe

Suitable for both food and water

Ink Splatter Bowl Dimension (Approx)

Small Bowl 12cm Diameter x 4cm

Medium Bowl 15cm Diameter x 4cm Depth

Large Bowl 18cm Diameter x 6cm Depth

Our ceramic bowls are handmade and each one is unique. Slight variations in color and pattern are to be expected and what makes them so beautiful.