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Patchwork Dog Sweater | Grey

We understand that dogs love to adventure, which often means their clothing and accessories become tatty and worn quickly. With this in mind we turned to the traditional Japanese technique of Boro, where instead of throwing an item away when it becomes worn it is patched. Boro textiles are beautiful with each cloth telling a unique story of its journey through life with patches carefully sewn on.

Each of our new sweaters is unique in its design and is made using organic cotton jersey, which is woven in the UK. Each item from our spring collection including these sweaters comes with additional fabric patches so you can prolong the life of the item as it begins to wear. 

These sweaters come in both Navy and Grey

Made from

Body 100% organic cotton 

Sizes - Neck to Tail

Size 0 - 8inch/20cm

Size 1 - 10inch/25cm

Size 2 - 12inch/30cm

Size 3 - 14inch/35cm

Size 4 - 16inch/41cm

Size 5 - 18inch/45cm

Otis the Cockapoo is wearing a size 4 and Frank the Schnauzer is wearing a size 3

Made in England