Fetch and Follow Design hound book
Fetch and Follow Design Hound postcard
Fetch and Follow Design Hounds
Fetch and Follow Design hound postcard book
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Design Hounds | Postcard Book

Cheeky illustrations, heart-melting portraits, Snoopy mashups, wet mutts, Amy Winehouse, and more. 'Design Hounds’ is a treasure trove of dog-centric work from 50 international artists, illustrators and photographers, all in postcard format and available for purchase in a limited edition A6 book to help raise money and awareness for WECare, a charity providing free veterinary care and treatment to Sri Lanka’s street dogs.

Curated in collaboration with lifestyle magazine Four&Sons
A very special thanks to all the artists for their generous contribution and support.

Participating artists
Maija Astikainen, Winnie Au, Lou Bailly-Kermène, John Bond, Eleonor Boström, Lisa Cervone, Robert James Clarke, Delphine Crepin, Brian Donnelly, Klaus Dyba, Sam Edmonds, Nicole England, Nils Ericson, Jesse Freidin, Matt Furie, Sophie Gamand, Travis Gillett, Michael Gillette, Walter Glassof, Ollie Grove, Natalie Hrymakowski, Taneale Hrymakowski, Samuel Jurčić, Ken Kagami, Susumu Kamijo, Jo Longhurst, Mark Mckay, Juliette Mills, Faye Moorhouse, Apolline Muet, Sally Muir, Greg Murray, Emily Nicholson, Gemma O’Brien, Joanna Osborne, Will Robson-Scott, Steve Ryan, Ros Shiers, Masha Shishova, Sulek, Sun of Wolves, The McCartneys, Ho Hai Tran, Martin Usborne, Ruth van Beek, Patricia van de Camp, WandaMAN, Kimberly M. Wang, Benn Wood and Wilfrid Wood.

The book has been coop London printers Calverts