Zoe Zhang | Dog 2 Series

We are always on the look out for something that makes us smile and when we stumbled across illustrator Zoe Zhang’s series on dogs we couldn’t help but chuckle. Zoe is an illustrator, ceramist, animator and graphic designer, based in UK and China. Her first love was a Shih-Tzu pup and ever since then dogs have inspired her work.
When she moved to London she saw dogs everywhere, on the trains, in cafes and even in shops! The culture of humanising dogs was different from what she had experienced at home and inspired her to start drawing them in this manner
We are big fans of her new series dog 2, which uses more colour then the orignal series. Preferring to draw by hand, adding texture and collage in an experimental way adds further charm to her work. She has managed to capture the cheeky charm of each of the dogs she has drawn. “When I draw dogs, I realise that the relationship between dogs and owners are really like parents and children,” she says.
All artwork by Zoe Zhang