Top 5 Dog Friendly Places to Visit | Victoria Park

Victoria Park is East London’s most beautiful park and one of our favourite areas! Situated in the heart of East London and so close to our Fetch and Follow shop, it's hard to believe we are still in the city when we visit it on one of our a dog walks! It is so big and diverse; this park is the perfect spot for dog walks, family hangouts, along with being an active person's playground!
As for every part of the city, we have our little go-to places where we enjoy going with our dogs and always have a good time! Here is our top 5 dog friendly places to visit in Victoria Park




(105 Gore Rd, London E9 7HW)
This place is one of the reasons why the Fetch & Follow team thought we should start writing about our favourite places to visit with our dogs!
Indeed, Bagel on the Park is all you need before going for a walk around Victoria Park with your dog! Opened in the 90s, this family run business has an amazing menu full of bagels and other delicious options. The staff are really nice and very dog friendly! Dogs are welcome inside and if they’re lucky and well behaved they’ll even get a treat! (Maggie and Carlos can’t hold their excitement when we go and forget all their manners when the lovely lady comes out of the kitchen with sausages)




Located along a beautiful pedestrianized street called Nightwalk inside the park, Victoria Park Market is open every Sunday from 10am until 4pm. On top of Pack and Clowder (a dog-dedicated stall), the market has seasonal fruit and veg, organic farm butchers, fresh fish, locally baked bread, cheese, ice cream, coffee, delicious brunches and lunches. The market is pretty much the Garden of Eden for you and your dog; a street in the middle of Victoria park filled with temptation! The good thing is most of the stalls are local and organic farmers which makes the experience almost guilt free! It gets busy throughout the day so if your dog is a bit anxious in crowds, head there when it opens, it will only be you and a few other dog owners, who doesn’t love an improvised dog meet up at the market?




(79 Lauriston Rd, London E9 7HJ)

This lovely cafe in the heart of Victoria Park village is dog friendly and a bakery and bruncher's paradise. Loafing is a cute tea place where you’ll easily get tempted by the beautiful looking and tasting pastries. The place benefits from two lovely outside spaces, one at the front and one at the back but dogs are also welcome inside. Only a couple of minutes away from the park, we love heading to Loafing cafe after a long afternoon walk when all we need is a warm drink and some comforting treats!



(233-235 Victoria Park Rd, London E9 7HD)

A ‘top 5 places’ post without a pub wouldn’t be right so here is one of our favourite pubs in Victoria Park village; Named after two of Queen Victoria's favourite dogs, this public house is, as you might have guessed, dog friendly. We love going there all year round. Their secret rear beer garden is so nice and quiet, it makes for the perfect afternoon place for a well-deserved drink after a dog walk! In winter, the pub has a dedicated dog area where you can go and spend the afternoon with your best furry friend. We love going there to warm up, eat one of their delightful roasts, comfortably sat in their traditional velvet sofa/benches!



(Victoria Park, Old Ford Rd, London E9 7DE)

Finally, because you might want to spend the entire day in the park. Victoria Park holds in its heart, one of the best breakfasts, brunch and lunch places in East London! No need to even come out the park to get your coffee, pastry or have brunch with your dog, Pavilion cafe’s food menu and coffee has it all! You’ll have to go inside the domed Pavilion to make your order, but don’t get overwhelmed by the queue if there is one as the staff there are very efficient so you shouldn't have to wait to long! You can then go and enjoy your coffee outside on their lovely terrace looking out over the boating lake and ducks; this will keep your dog entertained for a few hours as well!


Next month we will be visiting Shoreditch to coincide with our Dogs & Design Fetch and Follow pop up store