Top 5 Dog Friendly Places to Visit | Columbia Road

Autumn is happening and days are getting colder and darker but here at Fetch & Follow we tend to think positive, so for us it means outdoors and some indoors activities are getting more manageable with our dogs.

Only a few minutes away from our shop and not far from Haggerston Park, Columbia Road flower market is one of our favourite thing to do on a Sunday. Here are a few of our favourite places to visit in the Columbia Road area with dogs



(Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG)

Every Sunday Columbia Road welcomes its lovely flower market. Be ready to get your senses in action with beautiful colours and smells whilst marketers are ‘serenading’ your ears. If you’re going there with a dog, it is always best to go early in order to avoid the crowd, holding a dog and a flower bunch in your arms at the same time can be challenging. No need to be a flower or plant lover to go to Columbia road flower market, you’ll for sure enjoy your time there and will anyway end up with some sort of greenery :)



(130 Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG)

We know what you’re thinking, Pavillion again in our top 5 places to visit? What can we say…we love a good croissant and coffee combo on our way to the park with our best furry friend and no Pavillion venue has ever disappointed us! Indeed, Columbia road Pavillion bakery just as much as the Victoria Park one has a great food and coffee offering, it always welcomes dogs so you know where to get your hot drink and pastry take away when around this area.



(274 Hackney Rd, London E2 7SJ)

We know for a fact the dog-walking outfit doesn't give much space to fashion. But we also know that you’ve chosen Fetch & Follow for your dog that means you have good taste and you’re into fashion and high quality products. Thus we believe you shouldn’t give up on dressing up when going out with your dog. Henri on Hackney Road offers a selection of clothing and accessories perfect for stylish dog owners who want to dress ‘comfortably chic’. Under The Henri Store you’ll find a unique selection of like-minded brands.

We find that The Henri Store has very similar ethos to Fetch & Follow; it ‘tells a story of beautiful design, local production and creative integrity’. If you’re lucky enough you might meet our lovely brand ambassadors Ren and Otis when going there!



(503 Hackney Rd, London E2 9ED)

If you’re looking for a place to work, relax or meet for an afternoon drink with a friend Hackney Coffee Company is the place. The atmosphere is cosy and calm and we love going there for our monthly meeting with the team. The staff and coffee are on point and dogs are always welcome. The room at the back of the cafe is filled with plants and offers a beautiful natural light thanks to roof windows, which makes this place the perfect home-office away from home during the day. Don’t forget to pop by our store if you’re going to Hackney coffee company, we love a little dog & owner visit!



(Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG)

The Columbia Road neighbourhood is a dog friendly area where we really enjoy spending time during week days and weekends. We love going to Haggerston Park and its little forest surrounded by the funniest animals from Hackney City farm. Haggerston Park is enclosed with walls and gates, which makes it the ideal park for puppies and older dogs learning how to go off lead. On top of our top favourite places to visit we mentioned, it’s worth double-checking obviously, most Columbia road’s stores will let you come in with your dog which makes it the perfect place to shop your Christmas gifts after a stroll around Haggerston park.