The Goodness of Dogs

This is a charming, friendly, informal guide that reads like a group of dog owners huddled under a tree during a rainy dog walk. Knight loves dogs, that is clear to see, and her love oozes from each page in a way that made us laugh and smile. We always say that the unconditional love dogs share truly does make us better people and it is clear India Knight shares the same thought

This book is a celebration of happy dogs and the happy people who own them. Mixing the personal with the practical, India Knight’s guide to dog ownership is written from the perspective of a “lay person crazed with dog-love”. With chapters ranging from how to choose a breed (and where to get it from), to the joy and chaos of puppies, to feeding and training your dog, to choosing a vet and even how to cope with illnesses and death. A relatively late convert to the joys of dog, she combines advice on dealing with breeders and how to handle a new puppy with more general thoughts on the psychology of the human-canine relationship. 

At once a companion, a manual and a repository of useful information, The Goodness of Dogs also contains avid dog-lover India Knight's reflections on the sheer brilliance of dogs and the life-enhancing delight of dog ownership. If you have reached dog nirvana, you will recognize yourself. If you haven't yet - this book will help you. 

With illustrations by Sally Muir, this is a useful, well-structured read for those considering their first dog, and for the dog-ambivalent among us it offers insight into the strength of the connection that can form between dog and human.

The Goodness of Dogs: The Human's Guide to Choosing, Buying, Training, Feeding, Living With and Caring For Your Dog by India Knight is available to buy from Amazon.