Walk and Talk Series | Winter Grooming Tips

Last Sunday we held our February Fetch & Follow walk around east London's Victoria Park, joined by expert groomer Serena from Lead the Walk. While the dogs played we discussed all things grooming related.
Below are Serena's Top Tips for keeping your dogs fur looking its best during the winters months.
  • Before washing your dog, make sure that you’ve de-matted their coat first, as mats will tighten when immersed in water, making them more difficult to remove afterwards.

  • Dried sleep and gunk is easier to remove from the corner of your dogs eye when wet. Instead of trying to remove when dry or resorting to scissors, gently run a little warm water from a shower head over your dogs muzzle or use a moist cotton wool pad to soften the gunk. Once wet, gently and slowly use your finger or a clean damp face cloth to remove the offending gunk.

  • With any new puppy, get them used to you touching their legs, feet and tail, as well as standing on a table and running your fingers between their teeth and gums. This will benefit you, your groomer and your vet as your puppy gets older as they will not find this activity unusual or frightening.

  • When using eye and ear wipes, make sure you use a separate wipe for each side even if the wipe appears clean to avoid transferring bacteria from one to the other.

  • Feed your dog the best quality dog food you can afford as this will not only improve their digestion and overall health but improve the condition their skin and coat too.

  • Dogs being Dogs | How to care for your Fetch & Follow Dog Collar

    Dogs love an adventure and non-more so then when the sun is shining and there is a cool breeze blowing through their ears. Plus during this warmer time of year there is no better way to cool off after a long walk then a swim in a pond, canal, sea or even just a muddy puddle! Now we don’t want dogs to stop being dogs so we thought we would share our top tips for caring for your Fetch & Follow leather collar after your dog has finished having fun wearing it.

    Our collars and leads need little up keep as the natural oils from your dog’s coat will keep the leather supple, however if your dog likes to go for a swim or rolling in something smelly then just follow our below steps to help clean the collar

    First clean the collar with a damp sponge to remove any dirt and allow to dry. When dry, take a slightly damp sponge and rub it on the saddle soap to get a thin covering of soapy residue that you can apply to the collar. If the sponge is too wet, the soap will get to foamy, compromising the final effect. Leave the collar to dry naturally

    We also recommend using a natural wax such as Trill Farm’s leather wax, which is a natural blend of olive oil and beeswax to help keep the leather strong, supple, hardwearing and better able to resist wet weather

    If the brass hardware on either the colour or lead start to darken due to getting wet then soak a clean, dry cloth with Brasso metal polish. Apply the polish to the brass hardware and restore the shine and luster by rubbing the dry cloth over the metal. Finally if the lead clasp becomes stiff a spray with WD40 will help loosen any dirt and grime.

    Here at Fetch&Follow we use high quality veg tanned bridle leather. Due to it being a natural material there can be subtle variations in colour or texture; these are not faults, but a sign of the skin’s quality.