Fetch & Follow Walk and Talk Series | Training Tops from Oli Juste

 We were amazed by Oli's knowledge and personality when we first met him and were delighted to have him as our guest specialist for our second walk and talk.

We loved meeting new people and dogs and also learnt a lot about our dogs thanks to Oli Juste's advices and simple exercices. 

For those that couldn't make it to the walk and in case any of the participants have missed out on something, here is a recap of Oli's top tips after our walk; 

Keep playtime with other dog to short bursts - especially if you see play-fighting behaviours. Here is a link to a video where Oli describes dogs body language. Oli also explains why play fighting should always be structured and controlled. 

Socialising does not mean playing with every dogs you meet. 

Going on lead walks in the streets of London with other dogs is a brilliant way to socialise. Sharing sniffs, and weeing on things together is clearly great fun.

Never expect other dogs to teach your puppy good manners, it’s a risky game. You should get involved, interrupt a play yourself, and walk away before it get too crazy. 

Familiarise yourself with signs of stress in dogs so you can recognise them and rescue your puppy should he/she be asking for help.

If your dog doesn’t to play, walk away.  


Lastly, here is a link to a very helpful video where Oli uses videos made for various different other projects and pint-points signs of stress in dogs whilst experiencing every-day life.

Thank you everyone who joined us for our second Fetch &  Follow Walk and Talk.

The third walk of the series will be taking place on Sunday 25/11/2018, we will be going on an early (ish) walk in the morning before heading to our Winter Waggingland, our Christmas Market for dogs where we will be meeting a very special dog expert. 

More infos about the walk to come, keep posted :)