Walk and Talk Series | Fetch & Follow Dog Walks | May

After a break for Easter our Fetch & Follow Walk and Talk series is back and this time we are taking the walk to a new area of London! For our May walk we will be venturing to the beautiful Hampstead Heath where we will be joined by dog trainer Luke Balsam who runs Luke's Dog School who will be talking us through tips on how to read your dog's body language. He will be explaining the importance of understanding what your dog (and other dogs) body language is actually saying to us when out and about in the park and how we can use this to ensure our dogs are happy and feel safe.

Luke started his career as a dog trainer aged 12, when he taught the family’s golden retriever some tricks. In return, his current dog, a rescue cocker spaniel, has taught Luke a few tricks about high-energy dogs that always need a job. Now a fully qualified dog trainer, Luke has a deep passion for helping and working with rescue dogs: he has managed Therapaws, the animal therapy programme of Mayhew in London, and still volunteers with the NAWT at its kennels to help train dogs to help with their rehoming chances. When he is not with homeless pooches, he trains dogs and owners how to live together happily.

The walk will taking place on Sunday the 26th May at Hampstead Heath at 11am
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*Photo credit for the central image from Wunderdog Magazine by George Baxter 

Walk and Talk Series | January

Last Sunday we held the first in our Walk & Talk series of 2019 and what an amazing day it turned out to be. Not only was the winter sun shining bright for the walk but we were also joined by some fantastic dogs and amazing experts, Hannah from Butternut Box and Ciara from Vet in the City who were both on hand to offer some expert advice on all things related to your dogs diet.

Current research has shown that almost 50% of dogs in the UK are overweight. Overweight dogs can be prone to bone, ligament and joint damage, as well as diabetes, respiratory and heart conditions. However, losing weight and getting in shape has been proven to add almost 2 years onto our dogs lives providing just how important the right diet and exercise is for your four legged friend.
If you’re worried that your dog may be overweight, the scales alone may not be the best way of confirming this. 
Have a look at your dog’s ribs, you should be able to feel them distinctly beneath their coat, covered by a small amount of fat beneath the skin. If you can’t feel them at all, then your dog maybe overweight (This guide can vary from breed to breed)

Ciara has some great pointers on her website on this subject along with tips on how to understand dog food labelling better.

We plan to carry on with the fitness and health theme for our February walk which we will be sharing more details on in the coming week - Stay tuned

For more information on Butternut Box Fresh Dog Food click here
For more information on Vet in the City click here



Walk and Talk Series | Fetch and Follow Dog Walks | January

It may be cold outside but that doesn't stop us wrapping up warm and heading out on a dog walk with friends. With this in mind we are excited to announce our January's guest for our Fetch and Follow Walk and Talk.

Fetch & Follow’s Walk & Talks series, brings together dog owners with a different expert for a dog-friendly walk in varying spots across the capital.

Our January walk will take place on Sunday 20th January in East London’s Victoria Park. In keeping with the New Year and a better start approach, this walk will be in conjunction with fresh dog food delivery service Butternut Box and their in house Veterinary Health & Nutrition Consultation, Dr Ciara Clarke and will be focused around healthy eating for your dog.

Spaces on the walk are limited so email to book your space

Fetch and Follow Dog Walk Series January

Sunday 20th Jan | 11am - 1pm | Victoria Park, East London