Walk and Talk Series | January

Last Sunday we held the first in our Walk & Talk series of 2019 and what an amazing day it turned out to be. Not only was the winter sun shining bright for the walk but we were also joined by some fantastic dogs and amazing experts, Hannah from Butternut Box and Ciara from Vet in the City who were both on hand to offer some expert advice on all things related to your dogs diet.

Current research has shown that almost 50% of dogs in the UK are overweight. Overweight dogs can be prone to bone, ligament and joint damage, as well as diabetes, respiratory and heart conditions. However, losing weight and getting in shape has been proven to add almost 2 years onto our dogs lives providing just how important the right diet and exercise is for your four legged friend.
If you’re worried that your dog may be overweight, the scales alone may not be the best way of confirming this. 
Have a look at your dog’s ribs, you should be able to feel them distinctly beneath their coat, covered by a small amount of fat beneath the skin. If you can’t feel them at all, then your dog maybe overweight (This guide can vary from breed to breed)

Ciara has some great pointers on her website on this subject along with tips on how to understand dog food labelling better.

We plan to carry on with the fitness and health theme for our February walk which we will be sharing more details on in the coming week - Stay tuned

For more information on Butternut Box Fresh Dog Food click here
For more information on Vet in the City click here



Sunday Walks

We are really lucky here at Fetch & Follow that our store is located in between two beautiful London parks (Victoria Park and London Fields) and only a two minute walk from the Broadway Market, which is famous for its Saturday food market.
If this wasn’t enough excitement for the Fetch & Follow dogs to enjoy whenever they help us out in the store, we also have the choice of being able to walk to the store along the River Lea down from Tottenham to Hackney. The majority of the route is park and marshland and you can be easily be mistaken for feeling like you have left the busy city behind for the beautiful countryside. We really enjoy this walk, as the dogs are able to explore off their leads (you do have to be careful for the odd bike). For an afternoon escape from the city we would always recommend this walk
You can start the walk at the end of Homerton Road entering Hackney Marshes by Marshgate Bridge. Following the Lea Navigation Canal through Hackney Marshes and Middlesex Filter beds until you come to South Millfields park where you will need to follow the towpath along the Hackney bank and under Lea bridge road into North Millfields Park. From here you can either enter Walthamstow Marshes (which is great for picking blackberries and really does feel like you are in the middle of the countryside) or if you are tight for time you can carry on following the river up to Springfield Park.
Depending on your end location you can choose to walk up through Springfield Park which will take you to Clapton Common and on to Stamford Hill or Stoke Newington or you can carry on following the river up through to Tottenham where you can finish your walk through Markfield Park and onto Craving Coffee which is one of London’s best coffee led independent café which also happens to be dog friendly!
For more information on Craving Coffee visit