Fetch & Follow Stories | Hannah and Grenson

We first came across Hannah through her amazing instagram account En Brogue, where you can find inspiration on stylish flat shoes and how to work them into your wardrobe essentials, along with cameo appearances from her much loved (and very handsome!) schnauzer Grenson.

We spoke to Hannah about how this cheeky schnauzer has brought laughter to her working day life

Tell us about Grenson and how he came into your life

Grenson came to us as a puppy three and a half years ago. We’d actually been trying for about six years to have a baby, and when that didn’t work out for us we decided to get a dog. A dog had always been part of our plan - actually, my husband Mark and I have wanted a dog for as long as we can remember, we first bonded at university over 20 years ago because we both missed our family dogs so much! - so it was a no brainer as a way to expand our family at that point. We did a lot of research into the right breed for our lifestyle in London, as well as finding reputable breeders, and Grenson just happened to be in the right place at the right time. He was such a comfort to us at a difficult time, but I hadn’t anticipated that he would also make us laugh so much!

How does Grenson fit into your general day working?

The reason we hadn’t got a dog earlier in our lives was because we really wanted to give a dog a loving home and a full life, not just leave it in the house all day while we went out to work. Mark’s working situation changed so he would be at home full-time, so we felt it was the ideal timing to raise a puppy. I’ve since also gone freelance, so we’re in the fortunate position of always having at least one of us at home with him. One of us will do the morning walk and the other the afternoon walk, plus I try and schedule in tea breaks to give him a cuddle. He has a good life!

When you’re not working where do you and your dog like to hang out?

We spend a lot of time on the Isle of Wight where I grew up. Grenson absolutely loves the beach and we struggle to keep him out of the sea, which is unusual for a miniature schnauzer since they usually hate water. We take him out with us to pubs and restaurants, so we spend a lot of time in dog friendly establishments. We also love holidaying in the UK - Grenson has been to the Scottish Highlands with us twice, on a road trip through Devon and to the Peak District.

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk and what do you carry them in?

We always have a collapsible water bowl, a Chilly’s bottle with cold water in for all of us, a bag of treats to keep him quiet in a cafe or pub, and a little sheepskin blanket for him to lie on if we’re somewhere with a cold floor. I carry everything in a Herschel children’s rucksack (I’m only 5ft3 so this size works for me!).

What adventures do you and Grenson have planned for the rest of the year?

We’ve just booked a weekend in Yorkshire with our friends, who also happen to own Grenson’s best friend Alf, a white miniature schnauzer. We’re going to the Cotswolds later in the year to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary; my mum is planning the whole thing around it being dog friendly because she loves Grenson so much! And we’re thinking about a trip to Ireland, but we’ll have to see what happens with Brexit and doggie passports.

You can check out Hannah's blog En Brogue HERE

and follow her and Grenson's adventures on Instagram

Fetch & Follow visit Tokyo

Earlier this month we were luckily enough to travel to Japan for an whistle stop tour which included spending time in Tokyo. While there we of course wanted to check out what this amazing city had to offer our dog crazy team.


We were based in the contemporary boutique Claska Hotel in Meguro-dori, Tokyo, where unbeknown to us when booking has dog groomers, DogMan which sits perfectly on the ground floor next to the bar/café Kiokuk. The large glass windows allow you to peek in at all of the dogs being groomed to perfection. Once you enter the store you are warmly greeted by two very friendly in-house border terriers (who enjoy nothing more then people watching from the windows) and a 14-year-old English bull terrier, who we almost missed as she was wrapped up in her blanket having a snooze on the large leather vintage sofa. In addition to being a groomers there is a great selection of accessories on offer from Japanese based brands

 After this we headed up through Naka-Meguro, stopping of at Sidewalk Strand for a coffee (to fight of the jet lag), before heading up to Daikanyama. On route we made a visit to Design F, which is another dog groomers. However on the 1st floor of the building they have a beautiful boutique offering their own Design F branded dog clothes. This cute little store also is the home to three very well groomed mini schnauzers who all sported different hair and outfit styles, we fell totally in love.

Once we reached Daikanyama which checked out the T site book store which has a great selection of magazines and books for dog owners, even though most are in Japanese these beautiful books are still worth a browse just to stare in amazement at how adorable and well groomed all of the dog models are. We then headed to The Green Dog, which unlike the last 2 stops has 3 stores. Not only does is have a groomers and vets but also a well stocked shop where in addition to accessories you can also pick up some interesting treats for your dog including dog pasta.


Our next stop was going to be Yoyogi Park, but on route we had to make a stop at A Piece of Cake. The little café that sits on the forecourt of the Taro Okamoto Museum and in our view one of Tokyo's nicest coffee spots. After all, what could be better than enjoying some delicious homemade cake, all within arm's reach of some of Japan's most famous pop art?

 After a stroll up and through Yoyogi Park we headed to our final dog stop for the day, ‘Life with dog shop’. This charming little store opened in 2015 and in addition to stocking dog accessories it also has a carefully curated selection of goods for owners and their homes. The store owners are extremely helpful and friendly and the boutique had a charming and welcoming feel and is obliviously a very popular stop for dogs and their owners on their way home from the park.