Learning to Run with your Dog | Canicross

For our March Walk & Talk we were joined by Clare Grierson, Founder of Muddy Mutleys and DogFit canicross instructor, and Jo Ashbridge passionate canicrosser organising meetups across London.

We discussed canicross as an activity, the ideal kit, cues and the range of benefits before heading out on a run with our dogs. It was the perfect way to start a Sunday morning! 

Clare has shared with us her top tips, along with answering questions on all things Canicross 

What is Canicross? 

It’s off road, hands free cross country running with your dog originating from dogsledding/ skijoring and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

  What Kit do I need and why?

A good well fitting harness for your dog that is designed for canicross

The correct length bungee lead to connect you and your dog which is designed to absorb any shock from the pull.

A well fitting waist belt for you – It is important that the running belt sits on the top of the hips rather than around the waist. 

How old should my dog be to start running?

As with any dog sport your dog should be 1 year of age but take in to account the size of the breed – It is also a good idea to seek advice from your vet before starting. 

Can any breed take part?

Yes, if the dog is old enough, healthy enough and willing enough

Why is this canicross a good idea?

It increases fitness and stamina along with being a bonding and training opportunity for both you and your dog

My dog is fearful of other dogs, would canicross be good for them?

If this is the case then Canicross is excellent as it increases confidence for both you and your dog. New experiences and positive associations

My dog cant be let off the lead
Then this gives your dog the perfect opportunity to run and enjoy running and to gain some of the benefits of being of the lead


For more information on Canicross visit the DOGFIT website and you can find out about your nearest social running group below.