Fetch & Follow Stories | Samantha & Bill Murray

We first met Samantha and her cheeky side kick Bill Murray when we were based in Netil Market. This character filled Miniature Dachshund instantly stole our hearts, so much so he has actually featured in one of our Fetch & Follow photoshoots.

We spoke to Samantha about how becoming a Freelancer enabled her to welcome a dog into her life and how Bill Murray has become her much loved studio assistant

Tell us about Bill and how he came into your life

4 and a half years ago I made the huge decision to leap into the unsecured world of Freelance Styling. It was the usual story of not being particularly happy in my role and craving a little more creative freedom, however a Bill Murray was also a vital part of my decision. Since moving to London from a small town in Yorkshire, I thought a lot about having a dog to care for and give me that much needed companionship only an animal is capable of. And so, the morning of my first freelance day was dedicated to finding my little pal. All of the research had been done and I knew that a Miniature Dachshund was the only dog for me, I came across an advertisement for some dappled puppies and after a VERY thorough vetting from the breeder my choice was made.Home came the tiny Bill Murray that has rarely been a metre away from my feet ever since.

 How does Bill fit into your general day working?

We spend our days in my Photography Studio – Light Project Photography, where Bill Murray gets love from everywhere – my business partner, clients, delivery drivers (he is especially a huge fan of the UPS lady who has a constant supply of treats in her pocket) and anyone else he encounters in the corridors. Photography Studios are the only working environment that Bill has known and thus he spends most of his days napping or running around inspecting everything is in order. His curiosity and search for attention means he has popped up in many shots over the years, and he is always on hand to snuggle down on a blanket I am prepping to shoot - mid-fold of course.

When you’re not working where do you and Bill like to hang out?

Outside of work we can generally be found in either Clissold Park or by the sea – actually, mostly by the sea. Although not at all a fan of water, Bill Murray is at his happiest when running along a damp sandy beach or munching on a sneaky chip from my boyfriend.

We also have a strong list of local, dog-friendly pubs and restaurants where Bill can be found curled up like a cat and sleeping the time away. Some of our favourites are The Shakespeare - Stoke Newington, Dark Arts - Homerton and Climpson & Sons - Broadway Market

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk and what do you carry them in?

Since getting Bill Murray, I have become a big fan of the humble pocket. Due to his sausage nature, we discourage him from jumping on to things and walking up and down stairs, so have had to learn to always have a free pair of hands for lifting. This only ever becomes a problem after his routine fox poo rolling in the Park.

Mine and Bill’s dog essentials are - most importantly, Poo Bags / fresh refillable water bottle / flannel for belly and paw cleaning / camera, which incidentally Bill has learnt to run away from and plenty of TREATS! 

What adventures do you and Bill have planned for the rest of the year?

We plan for this to be the year of Kent / Sussex Coast adventures. So far, we have visited Margate, Whitstable and Hastings and intend on doing plenty of walks along the cliffs between towns as many of the beaches are declared dog free between May and September. Bill loves a Fish and Chip lunch stop but am sure all of the walking means the odd chip he manages to steal will not increase his waist size too much.

You can follow Samantha and Bill Murray's adventure together through their instagram pages

William Wegman Polaroids | Huxley-Parlour Gallery

This week we had the pleasure of visiting the Huxley-Parlour Gallery in London to see the solo exhibition of 20 x 24 Polaroids by the celebrated American artist William Wegman.

William Wegman is an internationally renowned artist and photographer, whose photographs, videos and paintings have been exhibited in museums and galleries across the world. He is best known for his on-going artistic collaborations with his Weimaraners, his lifelong muses.

In 1979,William Wegman was invited by the Polaroid Corporation to work with the recently developed 20 x 24 Polaroid camera. Inspired by this new medium, Wegman made some of his first colour photographs, continuing his collaboration with his dog Man Ray who had been central to Wegman’s 1970s black and white photographs and video work.Wegman continued to work extensively with the 20 x 24 Polaroid camera until 2007 when Polaroid stopped producing film. In over thirty years of working with this camera,Wegman explored a rich and wide range of themes from abstraction and anthropomorphism to surrealism, cubism and colour theory. Each new dog suggests new ideas and new ways of working. Fay Ray followed Man Ray in 1987 and her children and their children provided a large and on going cast of characters.

Huxley-Parlour Gallery will be exhibiting a select group of unique 20 x 24 Polaroid prints from this important body of work. Dating from the 1980s through to 2001, all works are being exhibited in the United Kingdom for the first time from 26th September - 20th October 2018


William Wegman was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1943. He received a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston and an MFA in painting from the University of Illinois, Champagne-Urbana in 1967.Wegman has been the recipient of two Guggenheim Fellowships and two National Endowment for the Arts grants.Wegman’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries across the world. His work was included in such seminal exhibitions as When Attitudes Become Form and Documenta V, as well as a retrospective organised by the Kunstmuseum Lucerne in 1990, which travelled to museums including the Centre Pompidou, Paris and The Whitney Museum of American Art,NewYork. Recent exhibitions include WilliamWegman and California Conceptualism,at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Being Human, which was the central exhibition at Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles this summer and which begins a four-year travelling tour atThe National Gallery of Australia, Melbourne this Autumn.The exhibition is accompanied by the new publication Being Human, published by Thames and Hudson.

William Wegman lives and works in New York and Maine.

Huxley-Parlour Gallery 3-5 Swallow Street, London,W1B 4DE

Silent Auction | Design Hounds

Cheeky illustrations, heart-melting portraits, Snoopy mashups, wet mutts, Amy Winehouse, and many more. ‘Design Hounds’ is a treasure trove of dog-centric work curated by Four&Sons from 50 international artists, illustrators and photographers, all in postcard format and available for purchase to raise money and awareness for WECare, a charity providing free veterinary care and treatment to Sri Lanka’s street dogs. In addition to the postcards we are excited to announce that there will be a silent auction taking place on Saturday 23rd September. Four international artists have kindly donated their work to be auctioned to help raise money for WECare 

The auction will go live on our Fetch & Follow instagram stories at 12pm and bids can be placed up until midnight on the 23rd September either by instagram or by emailing We will also have the artwork on show in our pop up on the 22-23rd September


Auction A
ExpoRay1 by SulekFotografía

Auction B

Auction C
Terrier lithograph by Sally Muir

Auction D
Toast Rack by Eleonor Bostrom

Come visit us at the Fetch&Follow pop-up in Shoreditch, London, from 14 — 23 September, and take home postcards of your choice in exchange for a token donation, big or small. If you are quick, you could snap a limited edition postcard book including all artworks.