Fetch and Follow Stories | Sophie and Luna

Sophie is the botanical stylist behind geo-fleur, who specializes in indoor plants. Along with the help of her dachshund Luna, they travel across the country working on beautiful plant installations along with teaching workshops.

We spoke to Sophie about plants and how this cheeky little pup has become the traveling buddy she always wished for.

Tell us about Luna and how she came into your life

After moving from London back to Yorkshire, I was craving a four legged friend in my life. As a family, we had labrador’s growing up, and I wanted a smaller fur friend to take with me to workshops and when I go travelling up and down the country on plant installations, so I started researching little pups. After very extensive research I decided on a standard dachshund, and after visiting 6 breeders, I found Luna, the playful naughty puppy in the corner.

How does Luna fit into your general day working?

She’s a little rascal, and she will alert me when anyone comes up the drive to my cottage, which can be annoying sometimes, as she mostly just barks at birds. After a long walk in the field at the back of my house in the morning, she is usually curled up fast asleep most of the day whilst I’m in the studio wrapping online orders or she follows me into the greenhouse when i’m planting up!

When you’re not working where do you and Luna like to hang out?

We’re spoilt with beaches on yorkshire coast, so Filey is a must trip, as is Saltburn - both huge long beaches where she can run around and bother other dogs to play with her. Most of the time she likes to be curled up on my lap under a blanket whilst I knit!

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk and what do you carry them in?

I’m partial to rural kind’s beautiful wax cotton bags, as basically it’s a mary poppins bag and can hold everything. Luna is a shiverer so I usually take her fetch and follow aran knit jumper, and her winter dog coat in orange, she loves to be cosy and warm! Also a crochet blanket that I made for her, and some beautiful joe’s dog treats, which is in one of their lovely tins, so as soon as Luna hears the tin rattle I have her attention! I like beautiful joe’s as for every packet you buy, they give a packet do a dog in need!

What adventures do you and Luna have planned for the rest of the year?

Mostly work trips up and down the country, next week we’re off to Cambridge to teach terrarium workshops at a wellness retreat, then in February to Birmingham to teach another couple of workshops, however we are sneaking in a trip to St Ives with my grandma, so that will be nice to relax and walk on  the beach!

You can follow Sophie and Luna's adventures together on the geo-fleur Instagram page, and check out Sophie's work here

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Fetch & Follow Walk and Talk Series | Training Tops from Oli Juste

 We were amazed by Oli's knowledge and personality when we first met him and were delighted to have him as our guest specialist for our second walk and talk.

We loved meeting new people and dogs and also learnt a lot about our dogs thanks to Oli Juste's advices and simple exercices. 

For those that couldn't make it to the walk and in case any of the participants have missed out on something, here is a recap of Oli's top tips after our walk; 

Keep playtime with other dog to short bursts - especially if you see play-fighting behaviours. Here is a link to a video where Oli describes dogs body language. Oli also explains why play fighting should always be structured and controlled. 

Socialising does not mean playing with every dogs you meet. 

Going on lead walks in the streets of London with other dogs is a brilliant way to socialise. Sharing sniffs, and weeing on things together is clearly great fun.

Never expect other dogs to teach your puppy good manners, it’s a risky game. You should get involved, interrupt a play yourself, and walk away before it get too crazy. 

Familiarise yourself with signs of stress in dogs so you can recognise them and rescue your puppy should he/she be asking for help.

If your dog doesn’t to play, walk away.  


Lastly, here is a link to a very helpful video where Oli uses videos made for various different other projects and pint-points signs of stress in dogs whilst experiencing every-day life.

Thank you everyone who joined us for our second Fetch &  Follow Walk and Talk.

The third walk of the series will be taking place on Sunday 25/11/2018, we will be going on an early (ish) walk in the morning before heading to our Winter Waggingland, our Christmas Market for dogs where we will be meeting a very special dog expert. 

More infos about the walk to come, keep posted :)

Fetch & Follow Stories | Paz & Lloyd

We first had the honour of meeting Paz and her Italian Greyhound Lloyd when he was just a puppy in our Netil Market store. Paz is founder of jewellery brand PAZ OH, based in East London the brand ethos is about using sustainable and ethical materials without compromising on quality. Each consciously formed piece of jewellery speaks to the brand's contemporary and minimal aesthetic while still feeling elegant and timeless. Since we first met Lloyd he has flourished into a fully fledged instagram star with his daily pictures and musings brighten up our day.

We spoke to Paz about her life with Lloyd and how this loveable character has helped to add a sense of balance to her work life and become her chief salesman thanks to his love of cuddles.

Tell us about your Lloyd and how he came into your life

It wasn’t until I finally left my job at Net a Porter and I started to focus on my own jewellery business that I thought about getting a dog. Working on your own it can be very lonely at times and the company of Lloyd really made a difference to my days, giving structure to my day and reminding me to take some breaks, although now I take more breaks than I should!

How does Lloyd fit into your general day working?

He has adapted to my working life very well - In a normal day he will be on his bed sleeping or playing around while I’m working on the bench (thats my sacred time) until it’s the time for his daily walk which is normally lunch time and then when we’re back to the studio same as the morning until the end of the day or his dinner time. Some days I have meetings with customers or suppliers and he always comes with me and most of them have known him since he was a tiny puppy so normally miss him if he is not with me.

Sometimes I take him to some pop-ups or markets that I do through the year and he is an amazing helper, because he loves the attention and cuddles from people so he attracts lots of costumers to check out the jewellery.

When you’re not working where do you and Lloyd like to hang out?

You’ll probably find us in any pet friendly cafe or restaurant in East London, specially around Hackney, we’re so lucky to have amazing places in the neighbourhood and they’re always near by to the park which is a plus!

Some weekends or bank holidays we try to escape from the city always thinking of places where Lloyd can run free.

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk and what do you carry them in?

Always treats in my hand bag or pockets! My adjustable long lead from F&F is another essential - it’s one of the best purchases I’ve done lately, because having my hands free while I walk with Lloyd is very helpful and it allows me to send emails for work while I’m walking with him!

In the summer I always carry water for Lloyd and some cash to offer people in case my professional picnic thief attacks, because he never misses an opportunity if he has the chance to grab any food around. In winter a jacket or jumper because longbois are always cold outside.

What adventures do you and Lloyd have planned for the rest of the year? 

We’re organising a fund-raising Sighthound Costume Gala for Halloween and we cant wait for it - a room with lots of dogs in costumes sounds like a dream to me and that gets even better when it raises money for other dogs in needs! And then we’re ready for our Christmas trip still tbc. But to be honest, there’s always adventures with Lloyd so I’m sure we’ll plenty in between those two.

You can follow Lloyds and Paz's adventures together on Lloyds instagram page

To apply for tickets for their Halloween Sight Walk here

Photos by Victoria Siddle  - We Have Paws