Fetch & Follow Stories | Hannah and Grenson

We first came across Hannah through her amazing instagram account En Brogue, where you can find inspiration on stylish flat shoes and how to work them into your wardrobe essentials, along with cameo appearances from her much loved (and very handsome!) schnauzer Grenson.

We spoke to Hannah about how this cheeky schnauzer has brought laughter to her working day life

Tell us about Grenson and how he came into your life

Grenson came to us as a puppy three and a half years ago. We’d actually been trying for about six years to have a baby, and when that didn’t work out for us we decided to get a dog. A dog had always been part of our plan - actually, my husband Mark and I have wanted a dog for as long as we can remember, we first bonded at university over 20 years ago because we both missed our family dogs so much! - so it was a no brainer as a way to expand our family at that point. We did a lot of research into the right breed for our lifestyle in London, as well as finding reputable breeders, and Grenson just happened to be in the right place at the right time. He was such a comfort to us at a difficult time, but I hadn’t anticipated that he would also make us laugh so much!

How does Grenson fit into your general day working?

The reason we hadn’t got a dog earlier in our lives was because we really wanted to give a dog a loving home and a full life, not just leave it in the house all day while we went out to work. Mark’s working situation changed so he would be at home full-time, so we felt it was the ideal timing to raise a puppy. I’ve since also gone freelance, so we’re in the fortunate position of always having at least one of us at home with him. One of us will do the morning walk and the other the afternoon walk, plus I try and schedule in tea breaks to give him a cuddle. He has a good life!

When you’re not working where do you and your dog like to hang out?

We spend a lot of time on the Isle of Wight where I grew up. Grenson absolutely loves the beach and we struggle to keep him out of the sea, which is unusual for a miniature schnauzer since they usually hate water. We take him out with us to pubs and restaurants, so we spend a lot of time in dog friendly establishments. We also love holidaying in the UK - Grenson has been to the Scottish Highlands with us twice, on a road trip through Devon and to the Peak District.

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk and what do you carry them in?

We always have a collapsible water bowl, a Chilly’s bottle with cold water in for all of us, a bag of treats to keep him quiet in a cafe or pub, and a little sheepskin blanket for him to lie on if we’re somewhere with a cold floor. I carry everything in a Herschel children’s rucksack (I’m only 5ft3 so this size works for me!).

What adventures do you and Grenson have planned for the rest of the year?

We’ve just booked a weekend in Yorkshire with our friends, who also happen to own Grenson’s best friend Alf, a white miniature schnauzer. We’re going to the Cotswolds later in the year to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary; my mum is planning the whole thing around it being dog friendly because she loves Grenson so much! And we’re thinking about a trip to Ireland, but we’ll have to see what happens with Brexit and doggie passports.

You can check out Hannah's blog En Brogue HERE

and follow her and Grenson's adventures on Instagram

Fetch & Follow's New Spring 2018 Collection

Our Spring collection is inspired by our recent trip to Japan and their philosophy of 'mottaini', which centres around wasting nothing of the intrinsic value on an object. Here at Fetch & Follow whenever working on new product one of the key designing factors is the durability of the item and allowing each product to develop along side the personality of your dog. We do not believe in throwaway fashion and try to give back to the environment wherever possible, which is why Japanese techniques such as Boro have inspired this new range.

 We understand that dogs love to adventure, which often means their clothing and accessories become tatty and worn quickly. With this in mind we turned to the traditional Japanese technique of Boro, where instead of throwing an item away when it becomes worn it is patched. Boro textiles are beautiful with each cloth telling a unique story of its journey through life with patches carefully sewn on.

Each of our new sweaters are unique in its design and is made using organic cotton jersey, which is woven in the UK. Each item from our spring collection including these sweaters comes with additional fabric patches so you can prolong the life of the item as it begins to wear. Plus if you fancy adding more personality to the item we have designed some playful embroidery patches which can also be added.

 We all know British weather is unpredictable and even during the summer you can be caught out in a sudden down pour. With this in mind our new spring jackets are fully reversible with the outer being made from unique Japanese cotton seersucker while the inside is made from a lightweight yet durable waterproof fabric, meaning if you are caught out during a summer shower your four legged friend will stay dry while looking stylish

 We believe every dog is a free spirit at heart and no more so then when of on an adventure with their owners. With a contemporary twist on our classic design our new two colour mix collars uses both grey/navy leather and natural/grey leather which has then been embossed with ‘Free Spirit’ or ‘Wild&Free’

Napping has never looked so stylish with our Fetch & Follow travel blanket, which is perfect for helping to make a comfy and cosy space for your dog while out on your travels. The blanket benefits from being made from a beautiful quilted organic cotton fabric, while the reverse is waterproof making it perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

We have teamed up with Kana London to bring you a new range of special ceramic pieces for both you and your dog to enjoy. To sit alongside our beautiful new dog a bed, each piece from this collection has been painted by hand using an ink splatter technique meaning each piece is truly unique. The range includes dog bowls, treat jars and cups all of which have been built by hand, rather than turning on the wheel, further emphasizes the individuality of each piece.

We continue with the ink splatter technique on a range of beautiful jersey pieces. Each of these sweaters is made from organic cotton, which has been woven in the UK. We have then customized each of these pieces in our East London based studio using the same ink splatter technique, which has been used on the Kana London ceramic pieces. Making these the perfect stylish accessory for a stroll around town or even curling up on the sofa after a long day of adventures

The new collection is available to pre order from the 10/4/2018 with the full collection fully launching 16/4/2018


An Interview with Elle the Frenchie

To celebrate the launch of our collaborative collection with Lead The Walk we caught up with ELLE GRRLGENIUS  (Petite dog model and undoubtly the cutest of Frenchies with a pouty underbite), who road tested the range on a recent trip to Paris
How would you describe Elle's style and where does the inspiration for it come from?
At first glance, Elle's style is feminine and whimsical. There's more to it than that. Elle is low to the ground and so she needs items to protect her belly. Her outfits are often fashionable and functional. 
Elle is quite a jet setter, does her style change from city to city?
Oh, I like this question a lot because she does take more fashion risks in Paris, just as her human does, there are always special pieces you want to show off and have fun with and there are items saved for those places. There was a white bandana I saw with black polkadots and as soon as I saw it I knew that was a Paris only item. 
Elle recently visited Paris, what essentials did she take and what were her top 3 places to visit?
Essentials include her dog bag from Wagwear. Many drivers and public transport require dogs to travel inside a bag in Paris. It's Elle's safe place as well in crowded areas. Her Fetch & Follow hunter green collar and long lead was so gorgeous at the Palais-Royal. We used the long lead as a double lead with her friend Fira on one end and Elle on the other. They walked in sync which made it much easier. My favorite "splat" of Elle's where she lays down on the ground was at the Jardin des Tullieres in the collar and lead. When we went back to Paris in November to meet a human (shocking, we do have them!) friend, we went back to the gardens and played fetch. That was one of my favorite moments of the year. 
Aside from the two places I mentioned, the Carousel Gardens are a must for epic views of the Eiffel Tower. Watch your pockets there but do check it out for a lovely walk with your canine kid. For humans, dogs allowed outside, Blé Sucré was worth the small queue for the most incredible, airy croissants and madeleines, as well as hot liquid chocolate and there's a park directly across the street. 
What do you think of the new Fetch&Follow X Lead The walk collab collection and do you have a favourite piece?
The Fetch & Follow x Lead the Walk quilted coat fit Elle like it was tailor-made for her. The silver pop of color on the collar is such a whimsical surprise and gives it that little bit extra. It's so well made. Lined with orange piping, I just had to stare at my little nugget and more importantly it kept Elle's belly safe and warm with the fleece lining. We had a few people ask us where to get it.
Does Elle have any exciting trips planned for 2018?
Elle is investigating trips to Scotland, Germany to see friends, and also Belgium. We are open to suggestions, especially if they include castles. 
You can follow Elle on all her adventures @Grrlgenius_