Fetch & Follow | An Interview with Matthew, Andrew & Mr Greenberg | Malin + Goetz

If you've had a chance to read our Fetch & Follow Story with Sara and Siena you will know that MALIN+GOETZ are great dog friendly company to work for. Not only do they allow dogs in their stores and host dog friendly events but they also have an amazing dog shampoo within their range inspired by founders Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz own dog Mr Greenberg. 

We spoke to them about Mr Greenberg and how their passion for dogs has been an integral part of the brand and lifestyle of MALIN+GOETZ since launching the business in 2004. 

Tell us about Mr Greenberg and how he came into your lives

We adopted Mr. Greenberg from the Green Mountain Pug Rescue in the State of Vermont.  Vermont gets it’s name from French, or the Anglo take on French – Ver (Green) Mont (Mountain).  Berg is the German word for Mountain – and now that he was becoming a New Yorker, what could be more appropriate than the name Mr. Greenberg.

He came in to our lives after our dogs Bob and Junior had passed away about 8 years ago.  I wasn’t ready to get a new dog for a while, so we took some time off.  Matthew started looking and discovered the Green Mountain Pug Rescue.  We discovered Mr. Greenberg, nee Moose, and they brought him down from his foster family to meet us.  We looked into one another’s eyes, and the rest was history.

Could you tell us what a typical day in the life of Mr Greenburg is like?

Andrew: Not only does Mr. Greenberg come to the office with us every day, be he usually comes with us when we travel on business trips as well.  He’s an old hand at going to the West Coast – he’s officially a Emotional Support Dog, so he sits on my lap the entire way – we’d never put him in cargo.  He just made his first trip to London this Spring. 

We're big fans of your dog shampoo, what inspired you to add this to range and what makes it so different to other dog shampoos

Thanks!  Dogs have always been part of our family.  And when you are in the cleansing business, we couldn’t possibly exclude our four legged friends.  We actually use human grade ingredients in our dogs shampoo.  So it’s of exceptional quality.

 You can shop MALIN+GOETZ products online


Fetch & Follow Stories | Hannah and Grenson

We first came across Hannah through her amazing instagram account En Brogue, where you can find inspiration on stylish flat shoes and how to work them into your wardrobe essentials, along with cameo appearances from her much loved (and very handsome!) schnauzer Grenson.

We spoke to Hannah about how this cheeky schnauzer has brought laughter to her working day life

Tell us about Grenson and how he came into your life

Grenson came to us as a puppy three and a half years ago. We’d actually been trying for about six years to have a baby, and when that didn’t work out for us we decided to get a dog. A dog had always been part of our plan - actually, my husband Mark and I have wanted a dog for as long as we can remember, we first bonded at university over 20 years ago because we both missed our family dogs so much! - so it was a no brainer as a way to expand our family at that point. We did a lot of research into the right breed for our lifestyle in London, as well as finding reputable breeders, and Grenson just happened to be in the right place at the right time. He was such a comfort to us at a difficult time, but I hadn’t anticipated that he would also make us laugh so much!

How does Grenson fit into your general day working?

The reason we hadn’t got a dog earlier in our lives was because we really wanted to give a dog a loving home and a full life, not just leave it in the house all day while we went out to work. Mark’s working situation changed so he would be at home full-time, so we felt it was the ideal timing to raise a puppy. I’ve since also gone freelance, so we’re in the fortunate position of always having at least one of us at home with him. One of us will do the morning walk and the other the afternoon walk, plus I try and schedule in tea breaks to give him a cuddle. He has a good life!

When you’re not working where do you and your dog like to hang out?

We spend a lot of time on the Isle of Wight where I grew up. Grenson absolutely loves the beach and we struggle to keep him out of the sea, which is unusual for a miniature schnauzer since they usually hate water. We take him out with us to pubs and restaurants, so we spend a lot of time in dog friendly establishments. We also love holidaying in the UK - Grenson has been to the Scottish Highlands with us twice, on a road trip through Devon and to the Peak District.

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk and what do you carry them in?

We always have a collapsible water bowl, a Chilly’s bottle with cold water in for all of us, a bag of treats to keep him quiet in a cafe or pub, and a little sheepskin blanket for him to lie on if we’re somewhere with a cold floor. I carry everything in a Herschel children’s rucksack (I’m only 5ft3 so this size works for me!).

What adventures do you and Grenson have planned for the rest of the year?

We’ve just booked a weekend in Yorkshire with our friends, who also happen to own Grenson’s best friend Alf, a white miniature schnauzer. We’re going to the Cotswolds later in the year to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary; my mum is planning the whole thing around it being dog friendly because she loves Grenson so much! And we’re thinking about a trip to Ireland, but we’ll have to see what happens with Brexit and doggie passports.

You can check out Hannah's blog En Brogue HERE

and follow her and Grenson's adventures on Instagram

Walk and Talk Series | Winter Grooming Tips

Last Sunday we held our February Fetch & Follow walk around east London's Victoria Park, joined by expert groomer Serena from Lead the Walk. While the dogs played we discussed all things grooming related.
Below are Serena's Top Tips for keeping your dogs fur looking its best during the winters months.
  • Before washing your dog, make sure that you’ve de-matted their coat first, as mats will tighten when immersed in water, making them more difficult to remove afterwards.

  • Dried sleep and gunk is easier to remove from the corner of your dogs eye when wet. Instead of trying to remove when dry or resorting to scissors, gently run a little warm water from a shower head over your dogs muzzle or use a moist cotton wool pad to soften the gunk. Once wet, gently and slowly use your finger or a clean damp face cloth to remove the offending gunk.

  • With any new puppy, get them used to you touching their legs, feet and tail, as well as standing on a table and running your fingers between their teeth and gums. This will benefit you, your groomer and your vet as your puppy gets older as they will not find this activity unusual or frightening.

  • When using eye and ear wipes, make sure you use a separate wipe for each side even if the wipe appears clean to avoid transferring bacteria from one to the other.

  • Feed your dog the best quality dog food you can afford as this will not only improve their digestion and overall health but improve the condition their skin and coat too.