Fetch & Follow Walks | Faversham to Whitstable

Here at Fetch and Follow our daily dog walks are an integral part of day come rain or shine. Having a dog opens a world of new adventures every time you head out the door together.  

With this in mind we are excited to announce our new dog walk feature, where we will be exploring new areas both in and out of London which are perfect for either an afternoon stroll or a full day of exploring. Inspired by a recent trip we took down to Kent, our first walk of the month is along the Saxon Shore Way from Faversham to Whitstable.

The flat north Kent coastline is a beautiful untouched picturesque location, packed with local wildlife and history. This walk will take you through the historic, picture postcard town of Faversham and along the coastline to the quaint coastal town of Whitstable, where you will be able to sample the towns famous oysters and seafood.

Walk | 9 miles | Easy and Flat | There are parts of the walk which can be muddy and wet in places

Getting there | Rail to Faversham | From London trains run to Faversham from either St Pancras or London Victoria, both taking just slightly over an hour. Check out the Southeasten website for special offers on tickets

Road | From London to Faversham takes roughly just over an hour to drive. There is a long stay car park in the centre of the town and trains regularly run from Whitstable back to Faversham

Places to eat | When you reach Whitstable there are lots of dog friendly places to try | Check out our Local Guide Here

Places to stay | If you would like to stay in Whitstable for the weekend we can highly recommend the beautiful Tides Cottage which is located opposite the beach. 

Directions | Exit Faversham station from the north side of station, walk down Preston Street. Left along Market Street, right down Market Place and Court Street (on a Saturday there is a local farmers market in the town square perfect for grabbing a coffee and a snack). Turn left by the Anchor Inn and then right along the quay. Follow the Saxon Shore Way/SSW for 1¾ miles. Just past Nagden cottages, the Saxon Shore Way turns left which will take you the longer of the two routes, be warned that this part of the walk is not very well maintained (grasses and plants can be overgrown covering the path) however you do get to enjoy the beautiful views as you follow the coastline along. The easier option is to keep ahead rather then turning left (“public footpath”, yellow arrow/YA). In 600m, turn right under the power lines on the field path across Nagden Marshes. In 450m turn left and then in 500m turn right along the sea wall to the Sportsman pub. Continue along shore path for 5¼ miles past Seasalter to Whitstable Harbour.

Whitstable train station is located on Cromwell road which is left at the top of the high-street. Trains run back to London (St Pancras or Victoria) regularly.


Additional information on the walk can be found below


Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

With temperatures set to soar even higher this week in the UK we thought we would share some helpful tips on keeping your dog cool and entertained during the summer.

 Its an obvious one but choosing to walk your dog at cooler times of the day during a heat wave is always good plan. We often get up an hour earlier in the summer and head to the park. Its much cooler and means the dogs still get a chance to run around and play as the park is often empty. It’s still important to carry water to offer your dog throughout your walk and remember to take breaks in the shade if your dog starts to get tired. 

When you are out with your dog, watch for signs of over-heating, including heavy panting and loss of energy. If you recognise these signs when on a walk, stop, find a shady spot and give your dog water. Remember if you place the back of your hand on the pavement and cannot hold it for five seconds, it's too hot to walk your dog. 

Swimming is an excellent exercise for dogs and a great alternative to walking in the summer heat. However remember not all dogs like to swim so don’t force them. A great alternative is a paddling pool in the garden.

 Just like us, dogs drink more water when it’s hot which means making sure they always have access to cool water. Add some ice cubes to your dog’s water bowl to chill it quicker or give them straight to the dog so they can munch on them.

 If your dog loves to play with toys, keep some in the freezer to help keep them cool during play. During a heat wave we always have a Kong in the freezer filled with the dogs favourite treats.

This weather also givens you a chance to teach your dog some new tricks and give them the mental simulation they may need due to the shorter daily walks (we're currently learning high five!)

Sunday Walks

We are really lucky here at Fetch & Follow that our store is located in between two beautiful London parks (Victoria Park and London Fields) and only a two minute walk from the Broadway Market, which is famous for its Saturday food market.
If this wasn’t enough excitement for the Fetch & Follow dogs to enjoy whenever they help us out in the store, we also have the choice of being able to walk to the store along the River Lea down from Tottenham to Hackney. The majority of the route is park and marshland and you can be easily be mistaken for feeling like you have left the busy city behind for the beautiful countryside. We really enjoy this walk, as the dogs are able to explore off their leads (you do have to be careful for the odd bike). For an afternoon escape from the city we would always recommend this walk
You can start the walk at the end of Homerton Road entering Hackney Marshes by Marshgate Bridge. Following the Lea Navigation Canal through Hackney Marshes and Middlesex Filter beds until you come to South Millfields park where you will need to follow the towpath along the Hackney bank and under Lea bridge road into North Millfields Park. From here you can either enter Walthamstow Marshes (which is great for picking blackberries and really does feel like you are in the middle of the countryside) or if you are tight for time you can carry on following the river up to Springfield Park.
Depending on your end location you can choose to walk up through Springfield Park which will take you to Clapton Common and on to Stamford Hill or Stoke Newington or you can carry on following the river up through to Tottenham where you can finish your walk through Markfield Park and onto Craving Coffee which is one of London’s best coffee led independent café which also happens to be dog friendly!
For more information on Craving Coffee visit