Walk and Talk Series | Fetch & Follow Dog Walks | May

After a break for Easter our Fetch & Follow Walk and Talk series is back and this time we are taking the walk to a new area of London! For our May walk we will be venturing to the beautiful Hampstead Heath where we will be joined by dog trainer Luke Balsam who runs Luke's Dog School who will be talking us through tips on how to read your dog's body language. He will be explaining the importance of understanding what your dog (and other dogs) body language is actually saying to us when out and about in the park and how we can use this to ensure our dogs are happy and feel safe.

Luke started his career as a dog trainer aged 12, when he taught the family’s golden retriever some tricks. In return, his current dog, a rescue cocker spaniel, has taught Luke a few tricks about high-energy dogs that always need a job. Now a fully qualified dog trainer, Luke has a deep passion for helping and working with rescue dogs: he has managed Therapaws, the animal therapy programme of Mayhew in London, and still volunteers with the NAWT at its kennels to help train dogs to help with their rehoming chances. When he is not with homeless pooches, he trains dogs and owners how to live together happily.

The walk will taking place on Sunday the 26th May at Hampstead Heath at 11am
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*Photo credit for the central image from Wunderdog Magazine by George Baxter