Fetch & Follow | An Interview with Matthew, Andrew & Mr Greenberg | Malin + Goetz

If you've had a chance to read our Fetch & Follow Story with Sara and Siena you will know that MALIN+GOETZ are great dog friendly company to work for. Not only do they allow dogs in their stores and host dog friendly events but they also have an amazing dog shampoo within their range inspired by founders Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz own dog Mr Greenberg. 

We spoke to them about Mr Greenberg and how their passion for dogs has been an integral part of the brand and lifestyle of MALIN+GOETZ since launching the business in 2004. 

Tell us about Mr Greenberg and how he came into your lives

We adopted Mr. Greenberg from the Green Mountain Pug Rescue in the State of Vermont.  Vermont gets it’s name from French, or the Anglo take on French – Ver (Green) Mont (Mountain).  Berg is the German word for Mountain – and now that he was becoming a New Yorker, what could be more appropriate than the name Mr. Greenberg.

He came in to our lives after our dogs Bob and Junior had passed away about 8 years ago.  I wasn’t ready to get a new dog for a while, so we took some time off.  Matthew started looking at all the dog porn sites and discovered the Green Mountain Pug Rescue.  We discovered Mr. Greenberg, nee Moose, and they brought him down from his foster family to meet us.  We looked into one another’s eyes, and the rest was history.

Could you tell us what a typical day in the life of Mr Greenburg is like?

Andrew: Not only does Mr. Greenberg come to the office with us every day, be he usually comes with us when we travel on business trips as well.  He’s an old hand at going to the West Coast – he’s officially a Emotional Support Dog, so he sits on my lap the entire way – we’d never put him in cargo.  He just made his first trip to London this Spring. 

We're big fans of your dog shampoo, what inspired you to add this to range and what makes it so different to other dog shampoos

Thanks!  Dogs have always been part of our family.  And when you are in the cleansing business, we couldn’t possibly exclude our four legged friends.  We actually use human grade ingredients in our dogs shampoo.  So it’s of exceptional quality.

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Fetch & Follow Stories | Sara & Siena | MALIN + GOETZ

If you've ever visited the beautiful MALIN+GOETZ stores in Seven Dials and Islington there is every chance you would have been greeted by the wagging tail of Siena. We had the pleasure of first meeting Sara and her rescue dog Siena when we collaborated with MALIN+GOETZ on the launch of their fantastic dog shampoo a few years ago. Since then we have enjoyed working together on some fantastic dog inspired events. 

We spoke to Sara about how working for dog friendly company MALIN+GOETZ enabled her to finally get the rescue dog of her dreams and how Siena has settled into life as a shop dog. 

Tell us about Siena and how she came into your life

When I got the job at Malin+Goetz, it was finally our opportunity to rescue a dog! Our families are from Italy where there are still lots of dogs for adoption and that’s how we found Siena. At the time I hadn’t got our landlord’s approval, but after seeing her puppy photo, we relentlessly fought to have her!

How does your Siena fit into your general day working?

I love taking her on the tube and having our morning commute together. She’s been a shop-girl all her life, and with some disciplined training, is very chilled with our customers. All the store staff are her aunties and uncles and having a dog at work is so beneficial for the team too!

When you’re not working where do you and Siena like to hang out?

We really cherish Battersea Park. It’s got so much texture; lake, fields and woodland so there are plenty squirrels for her to chase!

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk and what do you carry them in?

Our Fetch & Follow Collar and Leash is a must, alongside bio-degradable poop bags. 

What adventures do you and Siena have planned for the rest of the year?
We’re planning to go back Tuscany! Last year we drove down and took Siena to her birthplace where she saw her mum, sister, auntie and grandma! The beaches there are great for long walks, all the restaurants are dog friendly and it’s so fun to be on holiday as a complete ‘family’!

Dogs In The Workplace | 5 Dog-Friendly Places Across London For Breakfast

This Friday 21stJune is Bring Your Dog To Work Day – a nationwide event that encourages business from across the UK to welcome their employees’ dogs into the workplace for charity; this year All Dogs Matter and Animals Asia. As dog owners fortunate enough to spend our work life with our pets, we’re strong advocates for dogs in the workplace. Our dogs join us daily at our East London studio, creating a sense of calm, encouraging us to pause for a re-charge and are the friendliest of ‘receptionists’, so we endorse this annual event as a great opportunity for others to experience the benefits of dogs in the workplace or to hold a morning meeting.

So, whether your dog has scored a one-day pass for this special day or is a regular four-legged fixture for your colleagues and peers, this week we share our series of dog-friendly places in London to wrap around your working day. Here are five spots across London where you and your dog can grab brews and breakfast en route to work.

North London
Wood Street Coffee

Word Street Coffee

Kick start your day with a caffeine fix at this speciality coffee roasters. A short walk away from Tottenham Marshes, they’re perfectly situated to visit after a pre-work run around for your dog. Opening at 8.30am for coffee and pastries, with their antipodean menu focussed kitchen open from 9.30am, dogs are (very) welcome and there’s plugs for laptops if you get caught short or need to do some work quickly on the way to work.

Blackhorse Workshop 1-2 Sutherland Rd Path, London E17 6BX

East London
Hackney Coffee
Hackney Coffee

100% Fetch & Follow approved, it’s a mere minute away from our studio, so you might catch us having morning meetings there. Open from 7am for early birds, the coffee is delicious, the staff make a huge fuss of dogs and the seating area is really spacious, so should you want a bit of quiet time with your coffee and canine to set you up for the day, you won’t end up sat on top of anyone. Plus, in the summer they have a beautiful outdoor garden to enjoy the early morning sun together.


West London
The Locals

The Locals

The Locals is a healthy-eating inspired hangout, which welcomes hounds. Open from 8am, arrange a breakfast meeting or jump start your day with the best of intentions on a menu of Gluten Free Buckwheat Pancakes, Locals Full Healthy, Skinny Eggs and more washed down with drinks such as Almond Matcha Lattes and cold press Fresh Juices. The space has a lovely open feel with plenty of space around the tables for your dog to patiently wait for some healthy goodness to fall off your plate.

8 Gatliff Rd, London SW1W 8DT

Federation Coffee
Federation Coffee

Open daily from 8am, Federation Café can be found in Brixton Village’s covered market serving brews for caffeine aficionados as well as freshly made snacks and cakes. A mix of nomadic workers on their computers, friends catching up and those watching the world go by, it's popular and not overly spacious but the staff are lovely, the coffee is great and they’re nice to dogs, so we’d probably suggest this one as a grab and go in places of the big boy coffee chains.

77-78, Brixton Village Market, Coldharbour Ln, Brixton, London SW9 8PS

Central London
Joe & The Juice
Joe and the juice

Prep and prime yourself for the day ahead at this vibrant and hip chain, offering aptly named juices such as Clear Vision, Hell of a Nerve, Stress Down and Energizer. If your more Joe than juice they have a great coffee menu too. Dogs are always welcome, and they tend to favour cool dance tunes that will help fire you and your dog up for an impressive day ahead. If you are after a quick lunch to go, pop back later for their wholemeal toasted sandwiches.

46 Dean St, Soho, London W1D 4QD

Where do you go with your dog? @Fetchandfollow or tag us on social with your recommendations, we'd love to hear about them.

#BringYourDogToWorkDay, as organised by HOWND, takes place this Friday 21 June. Whether you are individual wanting to take your dog to work or a nice employer who wants to make their employees happy, join the fun and make a difference to the welfare of dogs by donating at