MUTT Magazine - A new leash of life

Here at Fetch & Follow we are always on the look out for something new and interesting in the world of ‘Dog. So when we heard of a magazine which celebrates rescue dogs and the joy adopting one can bring, we knew we had to find out more.


Below co founder Jay Harris talks to us about how the magazine started and what inspired the trio to focus on abandoned dogs and the issues surrounding them;

Mutt Mag arrived on the scene as the result of a Nottingham Trent University project in collaboration with Stack Magazines. Created by Alice Harrison, Jay Harris and Rosie Spence, Mutt Mag is fuelled by our love of dogs and compassion for the cause. Mutt Mag was born of the necessity to both honour the dog’s impact on our lives and educate readers on the contemporary crisis of dog abandonment.

Mutt Mag’s mission is to celebrate rescue dogs by awarding them the love they deserve, peeking through the keyholes of families and their happy hounds to offer an undocumented glimpse into their second chance at a forever home. Inspired by dogs themselves, Mutt Mag strives to embed a fun and enthusiastic approach to an otherwise disheartening topic, with love, care and dedication embedded into every turn of the page. 

For Issue One, Mutt Mag focuses on the concept of ‘Home’ and has been lovingly created to evoke the feelings of belonging and excitement as experienced when welcoming your newest family member. Inside, Mutt Mag strives to represent rescue dogs from all walks of life. We chat to John Bond about his first solo exhibition ‘Best in Show’, Kristina Suvorova illustrates her interpretation of bringing your rescue dog home and Henry Garrett of Drawings of Dogs expresses the impact of his dog Billie on his life and work.

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