Luke's Dog School | Tips on reading your dogs body language

Last Sunday we headed out on our May Fetch & Follow dog walk where we were joined by dog trainer Luke Balsam from Luke's school of dog. The weather was beautiful and as a group we spent the morning exploring Hampstead Heath while Luke shared with us tips on how to spot and read the body language our dogs our showing us.

Luke has been kind enough to share some additionally tips for all of your who couldn't attend the walk, along with some links to helpful information sheets.

Dog Body Language
Remember, we must first know what our dog is like a relaxed and in a playful state so we can determine if the state they are in now is unrelaxed. When reading a dogs body language try to understand the context and look at the whole dog, the tail, ears, body position, eyes, mouth, etc.

Also, think about the breed, their natural body shape and body position and how that breed interacts and plays (it will differ depending on breed)

Useful information sheets on a dogs body language