Kana London x Fetch & Follow Workshop

Fetch & Follow and Kana London are pleased to launch their first collaborative workshops hosted within Bonds Hackney, taking place over a 3 week period (7th,14th and 21st February 7-9pm)
You will create your own unique ceramic dog bowl along with a healing paw balm for your dog. 
Over the 3 week course you will
  1. Create a unique ceramic bowl perfect for your dogs food or water, with the skilful help of the Kana London team.
  2. Return to the Kana London studio where your pieces from the 1st session will be fired and ready for your glazing session. You will explore the world of magic behind the glazes, while choosing and glazing your bowl
  3. In the final session you will receive your bowl from a glaze firing and together with the Fetch & Follow team you will take part in an informative and interactive workshop where you will create a healing paw balm and learn more about how a holistic approach can enhance/ balance the immune system of your dog
On the third session the Fetch & Follow team will be joined by Da Fioretti Herbarium and Lavender Fingers who will help us host an informative and interactive talk all about holistic care for your dog. During this time you will be taught about the healing powers of herbs and how these can be used to make a healing paw balm.
More about our collaborative partners on this course
Kana’s approach to her work is experimental and playful. She works with a unique range of clays and mixes her own glazes, often turning her back on traditional ceramic practices. Hand building, rather than turning on the wheel, further emphasizes the individuality of each piece
DA FIORETTI HERBARIUM was born with the hope to reconnect people with abundant Mother Nature through the healing power of herbs. Inspiring people that holistic care can enhance/balance the original immune system that our canine companion has.
Tickets for the course can be purchased from both Fetch & Follow and Kana London's website