Kana London

When we started Fetch & Follow our philosophy was to create products which where classically designed and functional but with a unique twist. This concept was also our approach when it came to producing a capsule range of ceramic dog bowls; they needed to be hardwearing, beautifully made and unique.
We first met Ana (the hands behind Kana London) at Netil Market where we were both traders. Her work really grabs your eye due to its natural form and her unique use of glazes. Below she explains her work and how it all started;
Kana London was born fortuitously as a result of my training in sculpture & my background in fine art, eventually becoming a fully developed project in London in 2012. 
Sculpting and an affinity for working with clay led me to wanting to apply the principles of my art work - the tactile, hand built aesthetics, the traces of my fingerprints and hands on the surface - into functional ceramics. 
My approach to work is experimental and playful, as I never follow a procedure, and invent new recipes daily. I work with a unique mixture of clays and mix my own glazes, often turning my back on traditional ceramic practice. Hand building, rather than turning on the wheel, further emphasizes the individuality of each piece. 
Our current collaboration with Kana London consists of two different sized bowls (Small Bowl 6” x 1.5” and Medium Bowl 7” x 2.5”) in two beautiful shades, Midnight Blue and Storm Grey. Each bowl is hand built in her East London studio and we love the fact that the small imperfections such as fingerprints, superficial cracks & indentations are part of the nature of the her technique, making each piece truly unique.
We are also excited to announce we have a new special collection with Kana launching in September, watch this space as the pieces are truly special.
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