Four and Sons

Throughout history, dogs have played myriad roles—from comrades-in-arms to companions at our heels. We want to add muse to that list. 
Four&Sons is both a print and online publication where dogs and culture collide. Chronicling the work of interesting people and their interesting dogs, Four&Sons is a guided tour through the worlds of art, photography, music, literature—even maths—as inspired by man’s best friend.
Ever since it first launched in 2014 we have been hooked on this dog focused magazine. Covering art, design, fashion, music and lifestyle, Four&Sons brings together an eclectic mix of inspiring 'dog-centric' content to dog-lovers passionate about culture and creativity and the latest issue doesn’t disappoint.
Issue 7 is about the joy of looking from the outside in. They explore the routines (and peek inside the houses) of human–dog relationships around Tokyo and ponder the age-old connection between dogs and horses. There’s a lot to laugh about in this issue. Be it The McCartney’s pics of dogs in heels, artist Al Taylor’s wee art, John Bond’s drawings (feat a puppy pretzel!), artist Wilfrid Wood’s bloated dog heads or poop-scoop habits around the world
 We can not get enough of the beautiful imagery by Paris based photographer Lou Bailly-Kermene (which also features as the front cover of this issue). Her photos explore the bond between dogs and horses as they follow mankind through out the ages – ‘In their eyes, the same mysterious look. The one I try to catch in the most simple of ways. I want you to focus on the essential, the animal’.
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Issue 7, 6 and 5 are also available to buy from our boutique in Netil market and our online store.