Fetch & Follow Workshops | Welcoming a New Dog with Vet in the City

Enjoying the conversations, discoveries and friendship owning a dog brings, we are excited to announce the launch of our Fetch & Follow Workshops. For each workshop we will be teaming up with a different industry expert covering key topics, offering advice and tips on each subject. With this in mind the first workshop will be held with Ciara from Vet in the City in the Gardens of Gossamer Gardens (Hackney) and focussed on 'Welcoming a new dog' to your family.

The workshop is for people who have just welcomed home a new dog (puppy, adult or rescue) or are about to, and what they should expect during their first few months together. The workshop will cover what essentials you really need during the first couple of months along with tips and advice on everything from toilet training to getting the dog familiar to new places

The aim is to help new dog owners feel more comfortable in what they can come to expect during those first few months together. This is a crucial time in terms of development and for a new dog and new owner can become quite taunting. An advocate for holistic pet wellbeing, Vet in the City Ciara will be also be able to answer further questions guests may have in this relaxed, informal environment.

The workshop will be taking place on Sunday 12th May 

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