Fetch & Follow Walk and Talk | Top tips from our expert groomer

On Sunday 16th September our first Fetch & Follow walk and talk started of on a great note!

We had an amazing time meeting new people and dogs and were delighted to have Serena as our guest expert! We truly admire her grooming expertise and couldn't wish for a better first guest speaker. 

For those that couldn't make it to the walk and in case any of the participant have missed out on something, here are the top questions asked followed by Serena's top tips;

How often should I wash my dog?

"Most dirt on your dogs coat once dry can simply be brushed off. Avoid washing your dog with shampoos as much as possible as they can strip the natural oils out of your dogs coat. I recommend using a natural shampoo such as Paw Naturel as they are kind to your dogs coat and skin."

What should I use to clean my dogs ears?

"Avoid cleaning your dogs ears too often as your dog's ear leather can become sensitised. Earthbath ear wipes are a super easy and convenient way to clean a dog's ears. Only use your finger to gentle wipe around in outer ear leather. Never put your finger or any object down into your dog's ear as this can cause pain and potential injury. If your dogs ears have a strong odour or discharge, seek advice for your vet immediately as your dog may have an infection or mite infestation."

My dog has cracked pads, what should I do?

"I recommend using natural remedies as much as possible. Pure organic coconut oil is great for your dogs pads and nose in need of hydration."

How short should my dogs nails be?

"With the exception of the dew claws, your dog's nails should end just on or slightly above the ground. If they become too long, the nails may curl under causing pain and potential damage to your dogs pads. Dew claws should be kept short to avoid getting snagged and potentially ripped out which is extremely painful."

Which brush is best for my dog?

"It is important to understand your dogs coat type and use a brush developed specially for it. For short smooth haired dogs like frenchies, staffies, and mastiffs etc, I always recommend a soft rubber curry brush like the Zoom Groom from Kong. For a wool or wool mix coat, a dematting slicker brush is ideal. For a silk coat, a soft bristle brush and stainless steel comb are a good option. For heavy shedding and double coat breeds, furminators work well, but these should be used with caution to avoid damaging your dogs coat."

We would like to Thank everyone who came along and joined us for our first Fetch &  Follow Walk and Talk, along with thanking our goodie bag sponsors Malin + Goetz and Pet Teezer.
The second walk of the series will be taking place on Sunday 21/10/2018. We will be announcing the guest speaker along with taking bookings on the 5/10/2018