Fetch and Follow Stories | Sophie and Luna

Sophie is the botanical stylist behind geo-fleur, who specializes in indoor plants. Along with the help of her dachshund Luna, they travel across the country working on beautiful plant installations along with teaching workshops.

We spoke to Sophie about plants and how this cheeky little pup has become the traveling buddy she always wished for.

Tell us about Luna and how she came into your life

After moving from London back to Yorkshire, I was craving a four legged friend in my life. As a family, we had labrador’s growing up, and I wanted a smaller fur friend to take with me to workshops and when I go travelling up and down the country on plant installations, so I started researching little pups. After very extensive research I decided on a standard dachshund, and after visiting 6 breeders, I found Luna, the playful naughty puppy in the corner.

How does Luna fit into your general day working?

She’s a little rascal, and she will alert me when anyone comes up the drive to my cottage, which can be annoying sometimes, as she mostly just barks at birds. After a long walk in the field at the back of my house in the morning, she is usually curled up fast asleep most of the day whilst I’m in the studio wrapping online orders or she follows me into the greenhouse when i’m planting up!

When you’re not working where do you and Luna like to hang out?

We’re spoilt with beaches on yorkshire coast, so Filey is a must trip, as is Saltburn - both huge long beaches where she can run around and bother other dogs to play with her. Most of the time she likes to be curled up on my lap under a blanket whilst I knit!

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out for a dog walk and what do you carry them in?

I’m partial to rural kind’s beautiful wax cotton bags, as basically it’s a mary poppins bag and can hold everything. Luna is a shiverer so I usually take her fetch and follow aran knit jumper, and her winter dog coat in orange, she loves to be cosy and warm! Also a crochet blanket that I made for her, and some beautiful joe’s dog treats, which is in one of their lovely tins, so as soon as Luna hears the tin rattle I have her attention! I like beautiful joe’s as for every packet you buy, they give a packet do a dog in need!

What adventures do you and Luna have planned for the rest of the year?

Mostly work trips up and down the country, next week we’re off to Cambridge to teach terrarium workshops at a wellness retreat, then in February to Birmingham to teach another couple of workshops, however we are sneaking in a trip to St Ives with my grandma, so that will be nice to relax and walk on  the beach!

You can follow Sophie and Luna's adventures together on the geo-fleur Instagram page, and check out Sophie's work here

Photos credits Pet Stories