Draw in Light Collaboration

‘You’re my waking thought,

my sweet dream,

and everything in between.’


 Have you ever sat and wondered what your dog was dreaming about – As their little noses starts to twitch and their paws start to make the movement of running? We think back to the day we have just spent with them and the adventure we undertook together which has set this dream in motion.

 Inspired by how a dog dreams and the special places and memories these dreams can take them, we set about designing a print which explored the movements a dog makes during dreaming.

The original print started of life as a hand drawing using special Japanese inks. These helped to create the fluid movements needed to capture the unique nature of a sleeping dog.


We have been big fans (and friends) with London based independent women's wear / interiors label Draw in Light for a while and it only felt natural to produce the print in collaboration with them – Plus their dog Bruce is the sleeping dog which features in the print.

So back in June we headed to their studio in London to spend the day fabric printing. Draw in Light use free-hand silkscreen techniques, which means each piece of fabric truly is unique and beautiful.


In addition to the fabric items within this collection we also teamed up again with KANA ceramics who has designed a beautiful limited edition dog bowl which has a unique colour glaze which is inspired from the print and the collaboration


 As each dog's personality is one of a kind so is each piece from this limited edition collection. The collection will be available to buy online and in store on the 15th September

 HARRY BARFORD and Polly Wilkinson are the minds behind Draw in Light, the easy-to-wear and ethereal label that launched in 2009

"Our label is for those who enjoy being individual and want clothing that is unique, contemporary, yet timeless. Each piece has a unique print - our philosophy for our work is 'everything is unique'.

 Buy little, buy well, buy independent.