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Friends of ours Nicky and Sarah with the help of Rigby the Spaniel and Frankie the Moggie have launched All Four Paws, a lifestyle website for you and your pet.
All Four Paws was founded on the premise that pet-friendly shouldn’t always mean compromising your lifestyle. It’s their aim that your day-to-day and special trips away are made brighter by the opportunity to involve your pet. Their site is specially curated, bringing you quality, trusted recommendations that can be enjoyed equally by both you and your pawfect partner in crime.
Not got plans yet for the weekend? Well don't worry as the guys at All Four Paws have been kind enough to share with us their review of a dog friendly London restaurant 
Rigby's Review
At Maze Grill, Park Walk - London
Keen to make the most of the new found Spring weather, we took a family jaunt down to Maze Grill Park Walk one Sunday. We’d reserved our dog-friendly table and taken a walk through the park en route, making sure we’d worked up enough of an appetite to try one of their much talked about roast dinners.
With the front windows pushed back, the restaurant filled with the spring breeze, and the bubbly chatter of locals, of the two and four legged kind, filling the air, a warm feeling took hold. We (Rigby included!) were greeted warmly by the maitre d’, and shortly after we arrived, two other spaniels followed, who soon wrapped him up in a tangle of leads and wagging tails. After much patting and jovial chatter, he freed himself and led us to our burgundy banquet – we were delighted to have found such a wonderfully dog-welcoming restaurant.
Without much ado, we plumped for roasts and steaks – it’s rude not to at a restaurant that prides itself on the quality and cooking of its beef – and settled down with a bottle of french red to enjoy our warm bread and salted, fluffed butter. Meanwhile, Rigby took his fill of a water bowl promptly delivered to him in tandem with our own water, before ensconcing himself under our seats… tail-end out of course!
We were glad we’d worked up an appetite when our meals arrived. With meat so tender and unlimited sides for the table (of six roast dinner accompaniments), none of us were going hungry. The cauliflower gratin in particular was a joy – creamy and rich enough even for those in the family not so excited by the vegetable itself – while the soft, honey glazed parsnips were also ordered many times over.
Content under our table, with passing pats and chats from the staff, Rigby was barely heard as he snuggled down and watched the numerous pooches around the restaurant.
Unable to resist, a selection of desserts were ordered, with an American special of Monkey Bread to share (rich, with caramel and cinnamon) along with a lighter and perfectly tangy frozen lime yogurt and toasted meringue – not to be missed in our view!
Now all that we needed was a second stroll of the day to walk off the foodie delights, and for Rigby to wag his goodbye to the other dogs festooning this local haunt.
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