Fetch & Follow Stories | Emma and Lebron

We first met Emma and her French Bulldog Lebron when they used to visit our store in Netil Market with fellow Fetch & Follower’s Victoria, Clémence, Maggie and Carlos. Now a certified model for models 1, featuring in Vogue Italia and Vivienne Westwood’s latest campaign; she also likes to spend time behind the camera as a photographer (she's pretty good it as well). However it’s Emma’s instragram account which really reflects her outgoing and infectious personality, she talks about everything and isn’t afraid to speak her mind which we love!



We spoke to her about her life with Lebron and how this independent yet chilled out dog has become a wannabe model in the making.

Tell us about Lebron and how he came into your life

I’d wanted to a get a dog for a long time. All I could think about was having my very own dog and instead of studying I was always looking at puppies. I saw this ad on gumtree about a new litter of puppies that were based in London. I sent the guy a message and agreed to meet him at Regent’s Park. I did think it was a little sketch, but went ahead and waited 2 hours on a bench waiting for this guy to arrive! I wasn’t sure if he was going to come or not, but eventually he did! He arrived with a baby pram that had a few puppies. Lebron was in the back of the pram and when I saw him he pushed the other puppies aside and came to the edge of the pram. He sat in front of me and just stared straight into my eyes, holding my gaze. I was so weirded out by how he was just sat in front of me, observing everything about me, I knew there and then he was my pup!

How does Lebron fit into your general day working?

Lebron is a very chilled out and independent dog. Most of the time he comes to work with me (if the client I work with allows it). He takes over the whole set and ends up being a better model than me! He loves having his photo taken, so he always ends up stealing the show haha! If he’s not allowed to come to work, we always go for a long walk in the morning and then I leave him at home to chill. He’s such a homebody and loves being the man of the house. I’m usually home by 6pm and we go for another walk in the evening. I’m so lucky that he’s so chilled and actually really enjoys his own space, you’ll always catch him either cuddled up to me or sunbathing alone on the patio. He’s a spoilt petit prince haha. 

When your not working were do you and Lebron like to hang out

Lebron and I always prance around Stoke Newington. Clissold park and Abney park are the usual spots we hang out. When I’m not working, I mainly spend my time with him and we try to go away to the seaside or countryside together on the weekends. 

What essentials do you always have on you when heading out with Lebron and what do you carry them in?

Lebron always wears a navy leather collar and leash set from Fetch & Follow, and I carry with me biodegradable eco friendly poop bags. I pack a roll in the inner pocket of my jacket. I’m not really a bag person, so I always make sure I have big enough pockets. Lebron and I don’t really need anything else when we go out, just that, a tennis ball and each other. 

What adventures do you and Lebron have planned for the rest of the year?

Well I’ve been away quite a bit this summer because of work, so Lebron has been spending time in Surrey with my parents. It’s hard because we miss each other so much when I’m away. So I’m going to make sure we have some quality time together when I return. So I’m thinking of planning a long weekend in Cornwall together. He loves the seaside! I might even look into getting him a life jacket, so he can really experience swimming properly! 


Check our Emma's instagram account for more on her and Lebron's world


Happy Dogs and Happy Wildlife | Top Tips for Beach Walks

Sandy shores, pristine waters for paddling paws, and big blue skies. We know that beaches are a dog’s paradise and our three Fetch & Follow in-house dogs, (George, Lacy and Frank) maybe city dogs day to day but they are all sandy beach dogs at heart. Therefore whenever we get the chance we head out across the country to explore the different beaches the UK has to offer. Below is a list of our Top 5 UK beaches, which are dog friendly throughout the year and have been giving the paws up by our own dogs

Fetch & Follow's Top 5 Dog Friendly Beaches
Winterton beach - Norfolk
Camber Sands – Kent
Harlyn Bay – Cornwall
Harlech Beach – Wales
Southbourne Beach (Bournemouth) – Dorset

 However it’s important that we don’t forget these special surroundings attract more than dog walkers, our beaches are wonderful havens for rare wildlife too. Beaches are home to an array of different animals. In the spring and summer, many of our seabirds choose to nest on our beautiful beaches raising their families. In winter, some slightly larger creatures, like grey seals will haul themselves onto our shores to pup. With this in mind the team at the RSPB have shared with us below their top tips for when you are out and about on your dog walks

Read and follow the signs! If important wildlife calls a beach home, often conservationists will have put up a sign to let you know. The advice on the sign is there to help protect other animals and plants, so if you love all animals you can help your local wildlife by sticking to this advice.

Look out for cordons. Areas for beach nesting birds and rare plants are often fenced off with a cordon. If you see a cordon, pop your dog on a lead, and walk as far from this area as possible. Sometimes, there are electric fences up in these areas, so it’s important to keep your dog on a lead for their safety too.

Find a suitable off-lead area. In most places our beaches are large, so if you know that wildlife inhabits one part of a beach, head in the opposite direction, and have a run in a more suitable area. Some beaches will have designated off-lead dog walking zones.

Chat to volunteers. Where there’s a particularly important wildlife population, it’s likely there are people there to look after the animals. For instance RSPB volunteers look after nesting little terns at Winterton-on-sea beach, and volunteers protect seals at Horsey beach – both in Norfolk. Volunteers are there to answer your questions, and are always happy to tell you where’s best to walk your dog.

Together we can share our shores, which make for happy dogs, happy people, and happy wildlife.

Top 5 Dog Friendly Places to Visit | Hackney


 Hackney is an ever developing area, becoming trendier and more popular everyday. There is always a new place to hang out and better things to do every time we go. Below are our Fetch & Follow’s top 5 places we love to visit with our furry friends when in the area

Wilton Way Café


Placed in the heart of Hackney, very close to London Fields, Wilton Way Café is a lovely coffee shop where we love spending some time in the morning before heading to the park. The very welcoming staff and its onsite radio station creates a very unique and lovely atmosphere. We love sitting down on the café’s outside bench while sipping a delicious coffee and do what we do best; people and dogs watching.

Only a few doors down Wilton Way Café; Violet, The Spurstowe Arms and Footnote are also places we love going and always get the best experience with our dogs.


Wilton Way Café

63 Wilton Way, London E8 1BG


Palm Valts

 This place needs no introduction; one of London’s most ‘instagrammable’ café, Palm Vaults is also one of our favourite place to go with the dogs around Hackney. Much more than a pretty place perfect ‘for the gram’, their drinks and food menu is heavenly! The Palm Vaults team is very friendly and will always make sure we have the best time when going there. Only a few minutes away from the station and Hackney Downs Park, Palm Vaults is the perfect little spot for a coffee/ vegan cake before an afternoon stroll in the park!

Palm Valts
411 Mare St, London E8 1HY


The Old Ship


On the way to London Fields from Hackney central station, situated on Sylvester Path, one of Hackney’s most adorable back streets, the Old Ship Inn Hackney is our ‘go-to pub’. Dogs are (very) welcome inside and outside, a water bowl gets filled up every time we walk in and ready to enjoy before we even get to order our own drinks. Their Sunday roasts (veggie and non) are tasty and generous. The Old Ship Inn is a pub where we feel at home, its peaceful and warm atmosphere stole our hearts a few years ago and there isn’t a single day we can pass by without the dogs trying to drag us in!


The Old Ship
2 Sylvester Path, London E8 1EN


Le Merlin

This crêperie placed in between Clapton and Hackney central welcomes dogs inside (if not too busy) and outside on their cute little terrace. If you fancy some French food, more exactly, amazing crêpes (I insist on the plural here as it’s almost impossible to order only one) Le Merlin is the place! There isn’t a single crêpe on their menu that isn’t worth having. Nina, the crêperie’s dog mascotte will always make sure dogs get the best greeting when walking in and the staff and business owner know how to treat bellies and souls in the best way!
Voila, bon appétit!


Le Merlin
78 Lower Clapton Rd, London E5 0RN


Second-Hand Shops

(RSPCA Charity Shop , Mare street Crisis, Prideaux House Charity Shop)

You know how we feel about waste and overconsumption at Fetch & Follow; not really our thing!
Fetch & Follow products are made to last and our recent collection is the perfect example of this reasoning; Our spring collection is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of 'mottaini' which centres around wasting nothing of the intrinsic value on an object.
We all know the say ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’! Well let us share with you the few second-hand shops around Hackney where we often go with our dogs and get all our treasures from! We love shopping at the RSPCA Charity Shop on Lower Clapton road, not only because it supports an amazing cause; animal welfare but also because it is filled with the cutest and handiest items! We also love going to Crisis and Prideaux House Charity shop, both located on Mare street, the two shops are on beautiful missions that we love supporting by shopping the greatest fashion and home accessories!


Victoria will be back next month with more dog friendly place in and around London